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We get it - it's a big step to try life in an eco village

We have moved from a transactional to a relational model. We are about building relationships and trust over time. 


Getting to know each other is the first step. There are a number of ways to do so:


Step One

Sign up to our Newsletter

Step Two

Attend Tour, Events and webinars

Option Three

Join our Work Programme

Step Four

Apply to become a Resident


Step One - Sign up to our newsletter

Sign up to our newsletter (we send monthly emails only)

You can sign up at the bottom of every page of the website.

Step Two - Attend a tour, events and webinars.
Come to our tours, work parties or webinars. We send out these dates and details in our monthly newsletter. 
Option Three - Join our work programme
We host people from Australia and all over the world for one to three weeks. This is the best way to get to know us and to see if it's a fit or just have a great experience. Many of our full time residents came through our work programme. We have had 17 - 74 year olds join us, and we aim to give you a significant experience. 
Email us to for apply for our work programme.

Step Four - Apply to become a Resident

Each community will have different financial and practical requirements. It's important to study the 'Community Agreements'. They are only agreements - each person that joins a community will change the community. Some agreements will not be changeable -  they are a core part of the community. Best to read them carefully and be honest with the community with the bits that you are struggling with. 


If its a fit - we look forward to our time together! 

Our financial model means that we don't ask for a loan (if you have any money to loan) until you have been a resident for 18 months, at that time you would become a full member of Eco Villages Australia.