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Got land?

We put land that is purchased, bequeathed and gifted into "collective stewardship" for community living in harmony with the natural world.

We believe that private ownership of land has caused many issues such as lack of affordability, inequality, environmental degradation and breakdown of community.

We also recognise that modern housing development methods (the 'slash and burn' approach) has caused much habitat destruction. Koala's are fast becoming a threatened species.

There are currently only two options available to the general public - renting and land ownership. Let's explore a third way of stewardship.


We have a lot to learn from the First Nations people who knew this country and looked after it. Eco Villages Australia holds land in trust, and invites people to live in community as stewards of the land. Let's experiment with living well in harmony with our environment. Together, we can create a network of eco villages across Australia. 

Bequeathing and Gifting Land

Eco Villages Australia invites land owners to consider breaking the cycle of the speculative market by bequeathing or gifting land into trust. If you are interested in bequeathing or gifting some land to create a new eco village, contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

Selling land

If there are enough people with serious interest in starting a community in your area, EVA can assist your group to purchase the land under collective stewardship. Contact us if you would like to create a community using the Eco Villages Australia stewardship model. 

"Renters have no security and owners are stuck.  We are offering another option - where we all become stewards of the land.  Sound familiar?"  

Andrew McLean. Co-founder EVA

Developers and councils know no other waty to huild houses than toal detrcution of habitat

Developers and councils know no other way to build houses than total destruction of habitat. This was taken in October 2018 north of Brisbane


This is a typical urban co-housing development. Smaller houses, clustered together with a lot of greenspace; fruit trees and gardens. Working WITH nature makes much more sense. 

More discussion about collective ownership here 

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