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12. Sharing Resources

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

While the eco village is not income-sharing, there will be many opportunities to share

The eco village is a non-income or asset sharing community, which means individuals do not share personal income and assets, unlike the communes of the 1960s. The community will own some shared property and resources (tools, kitchen items, furniture, etc.) which will be managed and maintained by the village. People have the opportunity to sell larger items to the community when they first move in if there is a need for those items. Some things may be rented out or booked for an allocated time such as a shared cars.

Personal possessions need to fit within personal dwellings - minimalism is encouraged.

Some villagers may bring specialist items that would be unsuitable for communal use (eg. lathes, musical equipment, etc). Renting office/shed/studio space are possible for these items. Eco village residents will enjoy many efficiencies of scale which will reduce living costs and hopefully give people more time with friends and family.


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Apr 08, 2022

I have read all information and would like to know where the villages are and how I can join or buy land


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