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October Eco Village Update

We've been busy behind the scenes. Updates are:

  1. Non-profit. The new non-profit company 'Eco Villages Australia' has been registered. We have a constitution, loan agreements and are working on logos and a brand new website - more news soon. A big thank you to those who contributed money to the legal fund to pay the lawyer for the important groundwork.

  2. Grant. We have access to our first government grant specifically for professional advice which will go to accounting and auditing services over the next year to ensure we are compliant with the non-profit requirements. 

  3. Mt Nimmel.  We have been hotly pursuing this property for six months. We received a valuation from one of Australia's top valuation companies which revealed that the property is overpriced to the tune of $300,000. After months of trying to negotiate a fair price with the owners, the only responsible thing was to walk away. It would not be right to pay such an inflated price when this project must be built on financial sustainability. The search continues!

  4. Property search. Now that Mt Nimmel is off the table, the search has widened. We are asking all our supporters to help. We are looking to friendlier council areas in Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast and possibly Noosa. If you are interested in looking for 5-100 acre properties which are close to population, we would appreciate input at this time. We have looked at eight properties in the last two weekends.

  5. Resident 'expression of interest'.  The expression of interest form is the start of the membership process and can be completed online here:


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