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November Eco Village Update

We will make a decision on a property to purchase for the eco village in the very near future. If you want to change your life, we can't think of a better and more meaningful way to do it than living in an eco-community. Join us on our online meeting on Monday.

1. Property Inspections. We are inspecting some properties on the north and south of the Sunshine Coast THIS WEDNESDAY 28th November. Let us know if you are interested in joining us. Properties range from $750,000 to a "walk-in eco village" at $2 million. Keep letting us know about places for sale.  

2. Cooloolabin Property. There was a lot of interest in the property that we inspected at Cooloolabin and it remains an option. More info at Monday's online meeting.

3. Online meeting. Let's 'get together' to discuss moving forward for a Sunshine Coast Eco Village. THIS MONDAY, 26th of November at 7.30pm (Brisbane time). Click here a few minutes before to join the meeting.

4. Investors. If you have money to loan to the project, then now is the time to let us know. We have water tight loan agreements drawn up by a lawyer. The sort of property/properties that Eco Villages Australia will purchase depends on how much is raised through loan pledges. 

5. Vision Document.  We have been working hard to refine the Eco Villages Australia vision to give clarity to those who want to join the project. You are the first to see our brand new Vision Document.  Click here to read.

6. Could you be a future resident? If there is any chance at all that you may wish to become a resident, complete your expression of interest here.

7. GEN (Global Eco Village Network Australia) conference THIS WEEKEND. Half price tickets for friends of EVA ($75). Details on FB here.  We will be there.

8. The Village. Gathering again next weekend in the magical creek flat. Details here.


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