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6. Membership Model

Updated: May 21, 2021

Eco Villages Australia, being a legal entity, has a membership model.

Just like small businesses, most intentional communities fail. Many successful intentional communities have a prolonged process for people to become residents yet make it simple and quick to leave when circumstances change. EVA's membership model reflects this reality.

The sort of people who will make great eco-villagers:

  • subscribe to the values of your community.

  • have good self-awareness and are committed to personal development.

  • enjoy contributing.

  • can balance their own needs with the needs of the group.

  • aim to be non-judgmental and value everyone for who they are.

  • have good communication skills.

  • have practical skills and are open to learning new skills.

  • have a history of healthy, positive relationships.

  • can meet the financial needs of the community.


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