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January Eco Village Update

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

1) Land ownership: We have become increasingly passionate about our model of collective ownership. Read about an alternative to renting or buying in our most recent article.

2) Visit to potential eco village: Property owners in Central Queensland are considering becoming the first property involved in 'collective ownership' under the EVA banner. Their property borders a national park, has seasonal waterfalls and fertile soil. If you are interested in living in an affordable and beautiful location, consider joining Claire and Andrew for a trip northwest starting next week on the 24th of January (but come when you can). The landowners are passionate to host people on the property with the intention of building a community.  Email us for details.

This amazing property in Central Queensland could be a new EVA eco village

3) Sunshine Coast hinterland property search: The search continues. We are in a good position. We have time and it's a buyer's market. Please keep contacting us about potential sites that may work well. 

4) Keen to be a resident of an EVA Eco VIllage?  Fill out the expression of interest to get front row seats. 

5) New logo! Thanks to Mario Medic for his excellent graphic design skills. What do you think about our new look?


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