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2. Communication Model

In community, we aim for a quality of conversation, conflict resolution and vulnerability that is deeper than the usual.

Life is more fun when everyone commits to growth and self-awareness.

At the Maleny Eco Village, we use NVC (Non Violent Communication, sometimes called Compassionate Communication). When living together, it's imperative that each resident come to a greater understanding of the needs that drive them and their traumas and triggers and to continually improving their communication and conflict skills.

Emotional health is a very important aspect that will help to create a community of respect and acceptance. Some aspects of eco village life will encourage emotional health such as opportunities to do fun activities, connect with nature and other people and have a meaningful existence of contribution and mutual appreciation. This doesn't mean that every moment will be wonderful for every person. Challenges are inevitable for all people whether they live in an eco village or not. These challenges can provide opportunities for reflection and personal growth. Emotional growth is available for every person at the eco village and focusing on emotional growth can help the community as a whole to become more resilient and loving. Non Violent Communication (NVC) and conflict resolution will be taught as part of the community living course.



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