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Eco Villages Australia is Go!

Eco Villages Australia is the new face of what started as Brisbane North Eco Village. Andrew was originally looking for land to purchase for the eco village north of Brisbane but the scope of the project has broadened to open up the possibilities, not just geographically, but also to the number of projects that could come under the Eco Villages Australia umbrella. Our vision is that a growing number of Australians will be living in small to medium, co-housing communities over time.

Thanks to some of initial financial contributors, we established a legal fund to set up the non-profit company with its own company constitution and brand new name - Eco Villages Australia! David from Creo Legal has worked hard for us to get a constitution that will hold us in good stead in the future. The next step is to register with the ACNC to be granted non-profit status. Thanks again to everyone who loaned into the legal fund. This has helped us progress to the next level and puts the project a big step closer to eco village reality.

Claire and Andrew have been working with ESC Consulting to develop a presentation which can be delivered to councils. We know that wherever the eco village is, the support of local council is key to the eco village's success. ESC Consulting have paved the way for tiny houses with their initial discussions with councils. Stay tuned for more updates as we navigate the planning laws to make this tiny house eco village a reality.


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