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Eco Village Resident Profile: Mischa Hassmann

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Mischa has moved to Maleny Eco Village with his parents at the beginning of the year. Learn a bit about Mischa in this short interview.

What's your favourite thing about living at the Maleny Eco Village?

Mischa: I like living outside for most of the day and having friendly people around. There are many cool animals and a lot of nature. We have a lot more space than we did in the city.

Rainbow lorikeet picture taken by Mischa.

How do you contribute to the eco village?

Mischa: I contribute to the eco village by mowing the long grass with the brush-cutter. I also made an ad for the eco village. I am also the wildlife photographer for the Maleny Eco Village.

Kookaburra photo taken by Mischa at Maleny Eco Village

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Mischa: I love bird watching and bird photography. I also like to play soccer at the showgrounds right next door. In generaI, I love to play sport.


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