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Eco Village December Update

As Christmas approaches and the year draws to a close, we want to say a huge thanks to everyone for coming on the eco village journey with us this year. Some of the highlights were:

1. Creating the new non-profit company, Eco Villages Australia. Thanks to those who loaned to the legal fund. We now have a company constitution and loan agreements for financial contributors.

2. Launching our brand new website and updated vision document.

3. Developing the membership process. Nearly 40 people have completed the first step and a number of people have been interviewed to become the first eco village residents. 

4. Looking for the right property. We are looking for something quite different to the average buyer so it may take some time. Every property has pros and cons but the right one is out there! Continue to send links if you come across properties that may work.

2019 is our year. With all the work behind the scenes, we are more ready than ever to find a property for the first EVA eco village. Fill out the residency expression of interest to get front row seats. We'll be engaging in more detail with those who have completed this step in the new year.

Have a fun and restful festive season.

P.S. If anyone would like to catch up at Woodford Folk Festival, we'll be attending. Feel free to get in touch. 

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Jan 29, 2019

I like the new logo. Thanks for visiting in person, Andrew and Claire. I'm currently reading through the documents and am looking forward to discussing details with you.

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