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Eco Villages and Intentional Communities Event: Pathways to Communal Living

This photo is from the world-famous Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland. While there are some projects like this in Australia, many more people would choose this way of life if it were more widely available.

On the 9th of February 2019, Eco Villages Australia will host an information and networking session for those wishing to live in eco villages and intentional communities in Brisbane and in the wider South East Queensland region.

Join the founders of Eco Villages Australia, Peace Valley and the Dorothy Day House for a delightful evening connecting people who are interested in starting community-living projects. There will be some short presentations from these three projects followed by a chance for others to share projects and visions for communal or village living. 'Pathways to Communal Living' will be held at Turnstyle which is a community space run by the collective of tenants who live upstairs. Turnstyle has been a successful community for years and has been the site of the Laura Street Festival and many regular and one-off community events. Participants are encouraged to bring some food to share. Kombucha and tea will be provided also. More information on our events page and on the facebook event page.

Events like this bring people together and start conversations that can flourish into more community living projects whether that's through EVA or other groups. More community projects allow for more people to live healthy, connected, happy and ecological lifestyles which inspires others to protect our precious environment and live in harmony with animals, nature and our fellow humans.


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