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11. Diverse and Artistic

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The eco village will be multi-generational and embrace diversity in all forms.


Western society has largely taken away the chance for people of different generations to come together. Everyone has something to offer no matter what age they are. Eco Villages Australia encourage a mix of ages into the community and recognise that everyone can contribute in their own unique way.

Financial Capacity

The Eco Villages Australia financial and business model allows those of all income levels to be a part of the community. The concepts of sharing and minimalism are not just for people who have limited funds. Eco village life will be rich and fulfilling, providing a sense of community that money cannot buy.


Education does not stop at graduation. Lifelong learning is part of the personal growth that all humans need to thrive. There will be many informal and more structured opportunities to learn through the eco village. It is expected that eco village life will attract skilled, motivated, creative and educated people but people from diverse educational backgrounds are welcome at the eco village.


Differently-abled people are welcome and have much to give. Everyone has something to contribute to eco village life.


We can celebrate life and diversity through art. We can learn from the creativity of traditional wisdom while integrating positive innovation. These things are vital to the success of the eco village. The residents will work collaboratively to create a beautiful place to live. Artists, builders, musicians, cooks, carers, green thumbs - everyone can play a part in making the eco village joyful and inviting.



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