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Creating community "in your own image"

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

By Andrew McLean

Out of all the memes to come out of these latest revelations, I think this says it best

As Australians digest the bewildering news that our former Prime Minister secretly installed himself into five ministerial portfolios, including high-power ones like, treasury, home affairs and resources, it got me thinking that, like Scott Morrison, who is starting to universally be recognised as a megalomanic and control freak,

we need to look at ourselves for these traits. Especially those wanting to build community.

Western culture is insanely individualistic. It's a trait that, I'm quite sure can be said, that ALL of us share. One of my favourite sayings, of unknown origin, is

"water is the last thing a fish notices".

The culture in which we are born is largely invisible. Some are more disposed to seeing it than others - listen to them. As we age, we are more likely to see it. See the water. See our hyper-individualistic tendencies, especially as we try to create and build community. And maybe Eco Villages Australia has been a part of that. We encourage people to be clear about the type of community that they want to build - which is important, but maybe it can go too far.

'Broken picture' syndrome is prevalent in community. Many can see the type of community that they want. And when that picture doesn't come to pass, it's broken - and it often breaks us. But maybe that original picture is a poor reflection of ourselves to start with? Maybe the community we seek is actually in our own image? Maybe we shut ourselves down to the possibility of vibrant, diverse communities?

So many people come to us to start a new life outside of cities and the humdrum of suburban life and a nine to five job (though less now that lockdowns are over - most people have seem to have just gone back into their holes), so we get a good sense of what people are thinking. I have a challenge for you.......

Why not join a community instead of starting one? There are dozens of communities, including ours, that would love your energy and what you bring. And it's an extremely good idea to have a taste of community before you start one. Like the video below - the value of a first and second (etc) follower is far greater than that of the leader.

We are all human. Learn to see the other. Strive to see things as they truly are. Grow. Please grow. And community will flow from there. Peace.

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Zucu Ingersoll
Zucu Ingersoll
Oct 19, 2022

Oh my goodness - I love this video you posted at the end!

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