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A Possible Site for the First South East Queensland Eco Village

We have found a property at Cooloolabin that we think might just work for a wonderful first eco village. If you are keen on the Sunshine Coast, come and check it out this Sunday the 28th of October at 9.00am.

  1. Just 10 minutes drive up the hinterland from the expanding town of Yandina.

  2. The property has 30 species of mature fruit trees in an organic orchard - 3 different species of mango and avocado alone.

  3. Good water security - 2 dams, 5 water tanks and a bore.

  4. The land is 34 acres including an acre of north-facing growing pad and about 14 acres of forest backing onto national park with rainforest. 

  5. A unique underground house! Plus there are 3 more dwellings and a giant community hall, all council approved.

  6. The property is 400 metres from Cooloolabin dam.

  7. Have a look:

We need to hear from those who are interested in becoming financial investors or residents or both. Get in touch via email and put the inspection in your calendar.

If this area is not for you, keep up with our progress. Eco Villages Australia has been putting the legal, financial and membership processes in place to make it easy for you and a group of friends to buy a property wherever you want and create your dream lifestyle. Stay tuned for more information.


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