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Eco Villages Australia

Connected Living, Sustainable Living 

Eco Villages Australia is a non-profit organisation that provides the legal and financial model to create collaborative housing eco-communities for small groups of people (5-25).

In these communities, residents work co-operatively, make decisions, and take control of their own energy, water and food as they work towards ecological sustainability, social prosperity and economic viability. 

Residents become stewards of the land. Individuals loan money to make the purchase possible. All residents pay rent which is used to pay back those who made loans and for eco village improvements. When the loans are paid back, residents are then off the financial 'merry-go-round'. More info on the EVA model is here.

The first co-housing eco village site has been purchased in March 2019 in Maleny, Queensland. For more information about the first EVA eco village, go to the 'our villages page'.

"Social disconnection has hit epidemic proportions. Now is the time to find a way to connect with self, each other and the earth."
Andrew McLean - Co-founder EVA

About our Communities

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